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Green Coconut production for the local fresh fruit market.

Coconut with quality

Terral expanded its experience in dealing with the land and went beyond the borders of orange. The company took its first steps in the production of irrigated green coconut and today offers the fruit on the domestic market.

Like all other products that carry the Terral brand, the green coconut has an excellent quality and its differential is the amount of water, reaching up to 450 ml per unit, without any harm to the natural nutritional qualities of the fruit.

Coconut Water

A large part of the production of fresh coconuts is destined to the production of coconut water – “Terra Coco”, a 100% natural beverage, packed in glass bottles without any additives – no sugar, no preservative nor any flavoring. The brand’s differential is a totally natural and healthy product, cooled in a fully recyclable premium glass bottle.

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