A little about us

Founded in August 2010, Terral is headquartered in the city of Matão, in the interior of the State of São Paulo, Brazil, and owns several farms distributed between the States of São Paulo and Minas Gerais.

Developing and improving human resources is an ongoing commitment at Terral. We count on 1,650 registered employees, properly uniformed and equipped to take care of its 18,000 hectares of farm land covered with coconuts, oranges, cattle, and grains.

A company with an agro-industrial DNA and high standards of processes and excellence, that produces in a sustainable and responsible manner.

Orange, a highly complex crop, receives at Terral all the necessary phytosanitary and technological care, from the formation of the seedling, including soil preparation, planting and handling, to harvesting and transport. Aiming to serve both customers looking for juice for export and those looking for fruit for the table, the company maintains all areas of fruit growing irrigated and controlled, complying with the requirements of the national and international markets.

The areas dedicated to livestock and grains are developed in accordance to an integrated management system. It produces pastures and grains of high quality – 100% vegetable feed for cattle – on a rotational basis.

At Terral, the love and care for the land, plants and animals are transformed into fruit, meat and leather with a high standard of quality and results in generous harvests, to supply our tables with healthy and abundant products.